Kennel Beach RTRM Station- Meteorological Data

met panel kennel beach
Wind Plots point in direction that the wind is coming FROM.
Legend indicates maximum wind speed

Water Column Profile Data

The above data are acquired continuously on an hourly basis, and are not post-processed for quality assurance before being posted to this website. Instruments are calibrated every 3 days to insure accurate readings. However, any data that looks suspect or wrong, should be treated as such.

Site Name
Introductory Information
Current Conditions
Hydrological Data (4-day)
Meteorological Data (4-day)
Profiler Data
Mills Branch
Broad Creek
Fisher Point
Kennel Beach
Carolina Pines
Cherry Point   
Bogue Sound, NC
Kiawah Island, SC     
Meteorological Data at Kennel Beach RTRM Station, Neuse Estuary, NC


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