Information About the Data Platforms

Click on the platform for a diagram of the basic sensors and equipment.

The data platform is a fully automatic data collection system that provides high-resolution hydrological and meteorological data to scientists and researchers. It functions without supervision, and can be remote controlled via cellular modem. It has built-in memory to provide backups for collected data. amd runs off of solar power- charged batteries that can last for weeks in bad weather conditions. An onboard computer is responsible for the control of the sensors, and communications with the laboratory. This onboard computer takes readings from the sensors at set times, and then stores that data in its own internal memory. The data is then transmitted to a data acquisition computer in the lab, where the data is parsed, analyzed, and then visualized into graphical displays and then uploaded to the website for real-time updates.

Information About the Data Platforms, Real-Time Remote Monitoring Program at NC State University, Center for Applied Aquatic Ecology


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