Graduate Student Research Projects

Stephanie Mixson, Ph.D. (Plant Biology), in progress (initiated spring 2009)

Stacie Flood, Ph.D. (Plant Biology), in progress (initiated fall 2007)

Kimberly Null, Ph.D. (MEAS; co-advisor with Dr. Dave DeMaster), 2010
Thesis: Ammonium dynamics in a shallow lagoonal estuary
Honors: Secured two grants to help support her dissertation research, from the NC              Academy of Science (2006) and the Geological Society of America (2006)
Post-Graduate Position: Post-Doctoral Research Associate, University of
             California - Santa Cruz

Hayley Skelton, Ph.D. (MEAS; co-advisor, Dr. Dan Kamykowski), 2008
Thesis: Nutritional features and feeding behavior of the heterotrophic dinoflagellate,              Pfiesteria shumwayae
Honor: Won the Theodore L. Jahn and Eugene C. Bovee Award for best              graduate student research paper, annual meeting of the International Society              of Protozoologists, Providence, RI (2007)
Post-Graduate Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow, National Research Council, NOAA /              University of Connecticut

Meghan Rothenberger, Ph.D. (Plant Biology), 2007
Thesis: Long-term impacts of changing land use practices on water quality              and phytoplankton assemblages in the Neuse Estuary ecosystem, North              Carolina
Honors: Won best graduate research presentation, Graduate Student Forum,              Department of Plant Biology (2007) Won best Ph.D. dissertation of the year              (2007) at NCSU, from the NCSU Graduate School (2008)
Post-Graduate Positions: Post-Doctoral Associate, CAAE (Visiting Professor, UNC              Greensboro; then assistant professor at Lafayette College, Easton, PA)

Susan Pate, M.S. (Botany), 2006
Thesis: Impacts of the toxic dinoflagellate Alexandrium monilatum on three              ecologically important shellfish species
Post-Graduate Position: Laboratory Administrator (Biotechnology), Duke University

Matthew Parrow, Ph.D. (Botany), 2003
Thesis: Feeding, reproduction, and sexuality in Pfiesteria spp. and              cryptoperidiniopsoid estuarine heterotrophic dinoflagellates
Honor: Won the Kellar Award for outstanding dissertation research (NCSU), 2004
Post-Graduate Positions: Post-Doctoral Associate, CAAE (now Assistant              Professor, UNC Charlotte)



Graduate Student Research Projects at the Center for Applied Aquatic Ecology


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