Greetings from Russia

The GTI takes 3 NC State faculty members to Russia to conduct training programs about entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Russia Trip May 2015

Spring has already come...and gone

The GTI wrapped up the busiest semester for the International Cultural Leadership Project to date.

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ICLP Spring 2015

Dairy lab tour

The KAUST students new found love of Howling Cow ice cream led to a tour of the university's dairy processing lab..

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Dairy lab tour

Welcome to the Global Training Initiative

The Global Training Initiative (GTI) at North Carolina State University enhances international partnerships among NC State students and faculty, businesses in North Carolina, and people around the world through numerous short-term international programs. The GTI also provides custom training solutions or partners with NC State units or North Carolina businesses on international grants and short-term professional training programs. We serve international students (at either the undergraduate or graduate level), current NC State students, NC State faculty and working professionals. The GTI is part of NC State's Office of International Affairs.

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Student Programs

The GTI provides short-term study and internship opportunities for international students who have completed at least two years of college or university and scholars.

The GTI also partners with universities and programs in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America to bring their students to NC State.

Current NC State students can help new and visiting international students integrate into the Wolfpack community.

Professional Training

GTI provides specialized training programs to meet the needs of businesses and organizations competing in the global economy. Drawing on the expertise of our world-class faculty, administrators, and industry partners, our programs provide content specific training in more than 100 fields.

The GTI is an officially recognized training center with the Chinese government's State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.

Faculty Partners

The following is a short list of ways faculty can get involved in GTI programs:

  • Bring overseas students for research or internships at NC State under the direction of a faculty member
  • Provide a training session and network with participants in our professional training programs
  • Teach a section of the GTI 401 class to international undergraduate and graduate students
  • Utilize the GTI to provide planning and logistical support for international grant programs

The GTI also partners with other campus units and departments on international grant programs.

Community Partners

Hundreds of international students and professionals come to NC State University through GTI programs each year. We are always looking for community volunteers who are interested in connecting with these visitors.