The ICLP Spring 2013 Social Innovation Challenge

ICLP Social Innovation Challenge

Cross cultural engagement at the collegiate level has the potential to generate long-term impact in countries around the world. Students are challenged to think broadly about their own beliefs, ideas, and understanding of how culture impacts business, relationships, and perspective. The International Cultural Leadership Project (ICLP) mission is to broaden perspectives on norms and behaviors, and to foster friendships between the students at NC State University and SKEMA business school. Each of you who participate in this project brings a different set of skills and experiences to the table.

This spring, students in the ICLP have the opportunity to work together to design and showcase an interdisciplinary approach in social innovation. Business ideas are no longer just for business students. Corporations are challenged more frequently to illustrate social responsibility to their consumers, as well as cultural competency and sound financial practices.

We need creativity and innovation based on good management practices to solve global problems.

Basic Requirements for Participation


Download this PDF for more details about the requirements.

Project Deadlines

ICLP Project Deadlines

Grand Prize

One winning group receives a $1500 cash prize, distributed equally among group members.


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