Belltower Celebrations


Academic Year 2015-16

May 21, 2016
NC State 6
North Carolina 4

NC State 4
North Carolina 16

NC State 10
North Carolina 1

May 7, 2016

May 6, 2016
Recognition of Jeffrey Joines, associate professor of textiles, for receiving the UNC Board of Governors’ Award for Excellence in Teaching

May 5, 2016
Recognition of Justine Hollingshead, Division of Academic and Student Affairs chief of staff, for receiving the Governor’s Award for Excellence

May 3, 2016
Celebration of Faculty Excellence

May 1, 2016
NC State 3
Duke 2

NC State 12
Duke 2

NC State 1
Duke 2

April 11, 2016
National Champions

March 18, 2016
Recognition of senior math and physics major Mia de los Reyes for receiving the Churchill Scholarship

March 8, 2016
Men’s Basketball
NC State 75
Wake Forest 72

March 7, 2016
Founders Day

March 6, 2016
NC State
ACC Champions

March 3, 2016
Women’s Basketball
NC State 76
Boston College 60

March 2, 2016
Men’s Basketball
NC State 73
Boston College 72

February 28, 2016
Women’s Basketball
NC State 71
Clemson 57

February 22, 2016
NC State 21
Iowa 17

February 21, 2016
Women’s Basketball
NC State 80
North Carolina 66

February 20, 2016
Men’s Basketball
NC State 77
Clemson 74

February 13, 2016
Men’s Basketball
NC State 99
Wake Forest 88

February 11, 2016
Women’s Basketball
NC State 74
Boston College 63

January 31, 2016
Women’s Basketball
NC State 78
North Carolina 49

January 30, 2016
Men’s Basketball
NC State 85
Miami 69

January 27, 2016
Women’s Basketball
NC State 63
Virginia 52

January 21, 2016
Women’s Basketball
NC State 72
Virginia Tech 61

January 19, 2016
Men’s Basketball
NC State 78
Pittsburgh 61

January 14, 2016
Women’s Basketball
NC State 65
Duke 62

January 10, 2016
Women’s Basketball
NC State 78
Pittsburgh 76 (3OT)

January 7, 2016
Women’s Basketball
NC State 65
Georgia Tech 57

January 3, 2016
Women’s Basketball
NC State 64
Wake Forest 47

November 21, 2015
NC State 42
Syracuse 29

November 7, 2015
NC State 24
Boston College 8

October 24, 2015
NC State 35
Wake Forest 17

August 22, 2015
Welcome Week Finale — Packapalooza

Previous Belltower celebrations

Since its completion in 1937, the Memorial Tower has stood as a symbol of identity for North Carolina State University, a timekeeper for tradition and a perpetual memorial to NC State students who gave their lives in defense of their country. As well as a memorial, the tower is a rallying point for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and members of the university community.

The Belltower is lighted for holidays that honor our veterans, such as Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day, and to celebrate NC State’s proudest occasions and achievements.

The tower will also be lighted for events celebrated by the campus community:

  • Spring and Winter Commencements.
  • Welcome Week Finale — Packapalooza.
  • Celebration of Faculty Excellence.
  • Founders Day, NC State Remembers – an annual day of remembrance honoring our Founders and members of our North Carolina State University community who have passed away.
  • Induction of a member of the NC State Faculty into the National Academies.
  • The awarding of a Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize, National Medal or Presidential Early Career Award for Science and Engineering.
  • The awarding of a North Carolina Award or Governor’s Award for Excellence.
  • The awarding of the O. Max Gardner Award.
  • The awarding of the Board of Governors’ Award for Excellence in Teaching.
  • The awarding of the Board of Governors’ Award for Excellence in Public Service.
  • The selection for a Churchill, Clarendon-Oxford, Gates-Cambridge, Goldwater, Madison, Marshall, Mitchell, Rhodes, Truman, or Udall scholarships.
  • The inauguration of the President of the University of North Carolina or installation of the Chancellor of NC State.
  • Atlantic Coast Conference victories at home or away for football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball or baseball (series win).
  • Select postseason victories for football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball or baseball (e.g., football bowl win, basketball Sweet 16, baseball super regional).
  • ACC championships for any team sport.
  • National championships for any team or individual sport.
  • Other celebrations at the discretion of the Chancellor.

Requests for additional events will be considered by the chancellor and the university’s executive officers. Send requests via email to the secretary of the university/assistant to the chancellor,