Professional Training Programs for Overseas Professionals

NCSU Belltower

NC State University is located in the heart of the Research Triangle Park

Contact the GTI to discuss your training needs, approximate number of participants, and time frame. After learning what your objectives and desires are, we will draft a schedule with specific training topics and send them to you for review. After negotiating and confirming any changes we will send you a contract and invoice with instructions for wiring the training program fee. We will also issue invitation letters and instructions on how to apply for the appropriate visa in your country.


GTI training programs are between one and three weeks in length (most are two business weeks), but some programs are as short as three days and longer programs are also possible.

Training Schedule

All training programs include a number of guided tours and off-campus site visits to industry or government facilities that are relevant to the program content. For groups where the participants are not fluent in English, we provide one or more interpreters for all lectures, provided meals, and site visits.

Optional excursions before or after the training program to partner providers or relevant activities in other cities and states can also be arranged. Program participants who complete the training program will receive a signed Certificate of Completion from the GTI.

Lodging and Transportation

Hotel reservations (ranging from dormitory style to luxury hotels) and meal provisions are negotiated beforehand to match the desires and budget of each group. Local travel arrangements (from airport arrival to airport departure in Raleigh, daily travel between hotel and training site, as well as site visits and shopping trips) are provided.


Training program participants from some countries are able to take advantage of the Visa waiver program the US has with selected countries. Some GTI participants are eligible for a J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa and others use a B-1 visitor visa. The GTI will provide invitation letters and any necessary documentation for visa applications. We recommend that participants apply for visas (and any specific travel or budget permissions) several months in advance.

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Chinese banking delegation on a site visit

International scientists train at BTEC

Chinese teachers train at NC State