Whether it’s Princeton Review ranking NC State among the nation’s best values for universities or one of 81 nationwide "Colleges with a Conscience," NC State has a lot to be proud of. And Princeton Review is not alone. When it comes to recognizing NC State’s outstanding academic quality, affordable tuition rates, admission and retention rates, student-faculty ratios, financial aid and four-and-six year graduation rates, others agree. Kiplinger's Personal Finance ranked NC State University 19th and U.S. News & World Report ranked the university 20th among the nation's best values for colleges and universities.

It’s not just academic value that places NC State among the nation’s top 50 public universities. It’s a commitment to innovation that affects people’s lives in relevant and powerful ways. This page provides rankings from various sources and publications.

NC State University in Top Ranks of U.S. Universities

Princeton Review/USA Today, 2014

  • 4th in Best Overall Public University Value  

Center for World-Class Universities, 2009 

  • 112th in the Top 500 World Ranking 

Kiplinger Magazine, 2013

  • 21st in Best Value for In-State Students

National Science Foundation, 2010

  • 7th in Industry Research Funding among universities without medical schools (2008) 
  • 9th in Total Research Expenditures Among Public Universities Without Medical Schools (2008)
  • 25th in Graduate Students in Science and Engineering Fields in Doctorate-Granting Institutions (2006)

U.S. News & World Report, 2013 Overall Rankings / 2014 Graduate Program Rankings

  • 106th National Universities Ranking
  • 51st Public National Doctoral Ranking
  • 16th Overall on the “Up-and-Comers List”
  • 100th High School Counselor Ranking
  • 5th in Best Overall Public University Value
  • 10 Graduate Programs among top 30 Public Universities
  • 30th in Undergraduate Engineering Program 
  • 10th in Undergraduate Biological/Agricultural Engineering 
  • 17th in Undergraduate Chemical Engineering 
  • 13th in Undergraduate Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering 
  • 87th in Undergraduate Business
  • 29th in Graduate Engineering
  • 88th in Graduate Business¬† 
  • 79th In Graduate Education
  • 33rd in Graduate Aerospace Engineering
  • 6th in Graduate Biological and Agricultural Engineering
  • 55th in Graduate Biomedical Engineering (joint degree program with UNC-Chapel Hill)
  • 20th in Graduate Chemical Engineering
  • 26th in Graduate Civil Engineering
  • 27th in Graduate Computer Engineering
  • 32nd in Graduate Electrical Engineering
  • 30th in Graduate Environmental Engineering
  • 13th in Graduate Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering
  • 20th in Graduate Materials Engineering
  • 35th in Graduate Mechanical Engineering
  • 5th in Graduate Nuclear Engineering 
  • 47th in Graduate Computer Science
  • 48th in Graduate Economics 
  • 51st in Graduate Mathematics
  • 52nd in Graduate Physics
  • 82nd in Graduate Biological Sciences
  • 60th in Graduate Chemistry
  • 79th in Graduate Social Work
  • 53rd in Graduate Public Affairs
  • 12th in Graduate Statistics
  • 52th in Graduate Sociology
  • 3rd in Graduate Veterinary Medicine
  • 73rd in Part-Time MBA

U.S. News & World Report, 2014 Best Online Education Programs

  • 9th in Online Graduate Engineering
  • 4th in Online Graduate Computer Information Technology
  • 16th in Online Graduate Education
  • 36nd in Online Graduate Business
  • 81st in Online Bachelor's Education

American Association of Engineering Education, 2010 

  • 8th among All U.S. Engineering Colleges in Number of B.S. Degrees Awarded
  • 15th among All U.S. Engineering Colleges in Number of B.S. Degrees Awarded to Women
  • 6th among All U.S. Engineering Colleges in Number of B.S. Degrees Awarded to African Americans

Association of Research Libraries Membership Index, 2008

  • 25th in Public University Libraries

Diverse Issues in Higher Education, 2008

  • 4th in Engineering undergraduate degrees awarded to African Americans (2006)
  • 6th in Math & Statistics undergraduate degrees awarded to African Americans (2006)
  • 7th in Agriculture undergraduate degrees awarded to African Americans (2006)
  • 12th in Agriculture graduate degrees awarded to African Americans (2006)
  • 12th in Engineering graduate degrees awarded to African Americans (2006)

Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, 2008 

  • 6th in Engineering Doctorates awarded among official 16 peers (2008)
  • 5th in Engineering M.S. degrees awarded among official 16 peers (2008)

Ranking Web of World Universities, 2009

  • 39th in Web Presence

The Center for Measuring University Performance, 2011 

(also known as the “Lombardi Rankings”)

  • 31st among Public American Research Universities
  • 30th in National Academy Membership among Public Universities
  • 43rd in Endowment Assets among Public Universities
  • 37th in Faculty Awards among Public Universities
  • 23rd in the Number of Awarded Doctorates among Public Universities
  • 47th in Annual Giving among Public Universities