NC State: Think and Do

Discover North Carolina's intellectual capital.

At this university, no good idea goes on a shelf, and every action we take is thoughtful. NC State was built to prepare North Carolina citizens for what's coming next.

That mission is timeless.

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Think Big

An NC State student poses at Hunt Library.For 133 years, we’ve been tasked with thinking ahead. What will North Carolina need? What will tomorrow’s jobs look like? Who will be ready to fill them?

NC State is home to nationally renowned programs in engineering, veterinary medicine, textiles, statistics, design, linguistics and more. Silicon Valley companies hire more graduates from NC State than from any school in the Ivy League. And we’re the first university in North America to host an IBM Q Hub — because they trust us to shape the future of quantum computing.

For today’s students, we’re the smartest investment in the state. When Money magazine analyzed more than two dozen data points to find the country’s top values, NC State beat out all other North Carolina universities. And we’re a national leader in distance and online education.


Best Public University

Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education


for Veterinary Medicine

U.S. News & World Report

#1 Best College

for your money in North Carolina


A stylized silhouette of NC State students with synonyms for the word "and" in the foreground.

Combine and Conquer

Two men at work in a field.Innovation is a team sport. The challenges facing our state and nation are bigger than any one person. And in 2020, no one learns to do just one job.

Our scholarship and research reflect those realities. From the digital humanities to biomedical engineering, we multiply our strengths and teach students to do the same — through internships and study abroad, undergraduate research and top-ranked entrepreneurship programs. On our Centennial Campus, future graduates work alongside today’s leaders in business, and everyone benefits.

We prepare students to succeed in their chosen industry. But we also teach them to create new ones. To seize opportunities. To adapt and thrive and be ready for everything.

100+ National Scholars and Fellows

over the past five years

Top 10

for Undergraduate Entrepreneurship

Princeton Review


for Industry-Sponsored Research

Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

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Get Things Done

NC State professor Rodolphe Barrangou in his lab.A land-grant university can’t be purely academic. It has to live its purpose. Since the beginning, we’ve matched thought with action — and we’ve been home to students who do the same.

NC State starts companies, creates jobs and brings dollars home to North Carolina. Our work on CRISPR — a groundbreaking gene-editing technology — led to the creation of a spinout company that inked a collaboration and licensing agreement worth up to $818 million. And of the 29 new companies launched by the UNC System in 2018, a full 20 got their start at NC State.

“Think and Do” is more than a phrase on the banners you’ll see hanging on Hillsborough Street. It’s our mantra and our mission: Make world-class scholarship and research matter in the lives of everyday people, and tear down the barriers that stand in their way.

#2 in Research Commercialization

among universities without a medical school

Association of University Technology Managers


Startup Companies Launched on NC State Research

Office of Research Commercialization


Return on Investment on Every Taxpayer Dollar

Economic Modeling Specialists International