Academic Excellence Programs

On 'The Walk of The Immigrants,' Caldwell fellow Saul Flores trekked across 10 countries in one summer to document the plight of Latin American immigrants. He also echoed the journey his own mother had taken more than 20 years earlier.

Academic excellence at NC State involves a lot more than honors classes. We offer top students substantial financial support as well as opportunities to stretch their academic abilities, explore new interests, build well-balanced lives, give back to their communities, connect with employers, identify mentors, explore original research and even live in special campus communities among peers who share the same academic priorities.

This holistic approach to academic excellence helps NC State’s academic achievers reach new levels of leadership and intellectual development—giving them a head start on the road to successful and even brilliant careers in their fields. NC State’s academic excellence programs include:

University Honors Program, for talented academic achievers pursuing all majors. Program participants gain the vision and confidence they need to push beyond their own abilities and accepted boundaries of knowledge.
University Scholars Program, links talented, creative and curious students with academic and cultural enrichment programs, helping them develop as thinkers, citizens, and leaders while preparing them to achieve their personal and professional goals.

The Caldwell Fellows Program honors the legacy of Chancellor John T. Caldwell who famously said, “You just don’t know how magnificent you might be, Think Big, about your possibilities in this world.” Up to 25 fellowships are offered each spring to first year NC State students who exemplify academic excellence, exceptional character, and creativity. Fellowships include 3 years of tuition assistance and enrichment stipends. Fellows are encouraged to connect to their community, develop their passions, and confront their assumptions, through experiences such as the Caldwell Leadership Seminar, global service-learning, wilderness challenge, and the diverse community of creative people that is the Caldwell Program.

The Park Scholarships program provides a superb educational opportunity for exceptionally talented and well-prepared individuals to develop in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. About 50 scholarships are awarded each year, supporting the full cost of education and innovative enrichment activities such as grants for research and study abroad, making this one of the most prestigious and comprehensive undergraduate scholarships in the U.S.

Honorary Societies

NC State is home to some of the most prestigious collegiate honor societies in the nation. Membership in these organizations signifies a history of academic achievement as well as a commitment to personal and professional integrity. Visit each society’s website for more information.