A view of the 1911 Building shot from across the lush, green Court of North Carolina.

Hallowed Places

Nine spaces. Countless memories. Take a stroll through the landmarks that have made an indelible mark on the Wolfpack for generations.

Standing Ever-Cherished

Dotted throughout campus, you’ll find nine locations with a special designation.

Marked by plaques, they range from historic, brick-laden blocks to sprawling acres of lush greenery. The university defines them as “irreplaceable campus buildings, landscapes and natural settings that have accrued special meaning over time.”

They’re all places that matter to us. Places for quiet, reflective moments and raucous, eruptive celebrations. Places to soak up the first warm day of spring and revel after the last exam of the fall semester. Places that live in the hearts of our students and alumni — even when they’re far from home.

These are NC State’s Hallowed Places.