High-Impact Education

Students from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences study a plant in Suzhou, China.

A Global University

NC State is committed to creating leaders who excel in today’s international marketplace. That’s why we’re the proud winner of the 2014 Senator Paul Simon Award for Comprehensive Internationalization. We offer hundreds of opportunities to study abroad, with summer, semester and year-long programs in places such as China, Ghana, Botswana, Japan, Uruguay and many more all over the world. We also support a number of international centers on campus, and we offer distance-learning options for students in remote locations.

NC State’s reciprocal agreements with universities in China and Costa Rica, as well as our own NC State European Center in Prague, ensure that we have a strong presence overseas.

On campus, our Office of International Services sponsors numerous programs to foster cross-cultural exchange and to help foreign students make the transition to being U.S.-based scholars. Each of our academic colleges supports international programs ranging from faculty and student exchanges to formal partnerships with institutions of higher education located overseas.

International Resources

Whether you want to increase your global exposure or are planning to study at NC State as an international student, we have the resources to help you on your journey.

Our Research Culture

Research permeates everything we do at NC State. Undergraduates work alongside graduate students and faculty experts to devise solutions to society’s grand challenges.

We integrate our world-class research into our degree programs, emphasizing innovation and hands-on experience. Instruction at NC State begins in the classroom, but it almost always leads beyond those walls, to places like laboratories — where students work side by side with leading researchers in their fields — or to performance stages, art galleries, internships, co-ops or off-campus jobs that expose students to real-world challenges.

By the time most NC State students graduate, they’ve done more than master their fields. They’ve gained valuable career experience and unlocked their potential for relentless inquiry and practical creativity.

Experience Is Education

In a world of intense global competition, employers prize graduates who have shown that they know how to put academic theory into practice. There’s no better place to acquire that kind of experience than NC State.

To prepare our graduates to land the best jobs in their chosen fields, NC State offers cooperative education, internships, service learning, entrepreneurship coaching and other opportunities for students to gain practical experience. These programs do more than increase students’ employability; they also let students explore their choice of majors or career fields, work with experienced professionals on state-of-the-art equipment, develop communication skills, earn money for college and refine their career goals.

Service Learning

As a land-grant institution, NC State has service in its DNA. Whether helping others here on campus, across North Carolina or around the world, our students make the world a better place.

The people we seek to help aren’t the only ones who benefit. When our students address pressing issues through service, they learn how ideas encountered in the classroom can be put to use to improve the world around them. They also develop the skills to work collaboratively, think critically and lead courageously.