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NC State University is returning to normal operations at noon today, Sunday, Jan. 23. Classes will resume regular schedules on Monday, and university offices will be open for normal business hours.


As a land-grant university, NC State is devoted to the betterment of our state, nation and world. We create prosperity in North Carolina and beyond.

Growing the Economy

A young NC State STEM student stands in the foreground with a researcher in a lab coat behind her.At NC State, education is inseparable from economic growth. Our mission isn’t just to teach students; it’s to train tomorrow’s workforce. So we encourage them to tackle tomorrow’s challenges, gaining the skills they need through practical degree programs, cooperative learning and on-the-job training.

On our Centennial Campus, we work with more than 60 public and private partners to kick-start the local and national economies. The many initiatives and centers we host serve as hothouses for industries of the future.

If we can’t find the business we need to work with, we start it. Our research has launched more than 100 companies, creating 400+ new consumer products and thousands of jobs throughout the state and across the country.

$6.5 Billion in Statewide Impact Annually

NC State and its alumni are key drivers of the North Carolina economy.

Serving the Community

A truck full of NC State service students from CSLEPS drives down a road in Belize.NC State research doesn’t go on a shelf. It goes wherever it’s needed.

Our students, faculty and partners apply their learning to meet global challenges and improve everyone’s quality of life — whether that means promoting science and technology education in a Raleigh high school or breeding sweet potato varieties for use in sub-Saharan Africa.

NC State students are volunteers, activists and leaders. Through the Alternative Service Break program, they marshal their talents to tackle everything from GLBT homelessness to water quality in Nicaragua.

Sharing Our Knowledge

NC State has never been an ivory tower. Our land-grant roots inspire us to deliver workable solutions for the real world.

The Office of Outreach and Engagement ensures there’s a two-way conduit between the abundant resources of NC State and the people, businesses and communities we serve and strengthen. NC State Industry Expansion Solutions helps small and large government agencies and businesses solve problems every day. Our Small Business and Technology Development Center helps existing business owners and startup entrepreneurs make better decisions and improve performance. And NC State Entrepreneurship supports students in every step of the journey to bring their bright business ideas to life.

For more than a century, we’ve also spread our knowledge statewide through the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, putting technology and tools in the hands of millions of citizens each year.