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Whether you are seeking information, a new research partner or a quality graduate school experience, PRTM's research program has much to offer.

PRTM faculty, research associates, and graduate students are active players engaged in the business of conducting research to create new knowledge that will lead to a healthier, more active human population and a sustainable environment for recreation, sport, and tourism pursuits.

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Each year PRTM faculty compete for and are awarded external research grants and contracts totalling more than $1,000,000 in research dollars making it possible for our faculty to conduct research related to health and well-being, human dimensions of built and natural environments, and equitable and sustainable tourism.

Our research is carried out using a number of GIS and visualization analytical methods and models to analyze and display data spatially and temporally. The latter provides us with a powerful way to reach policy makers and practitioners with new ways of knowing and understanding how policy decisions play out on the landscape.

Our research findings are critical to and help inform major policy debates related to human health and well-being, especially issues related to physical activity, land use and landscape design, social justice, sustainable tourism practices and rural vitality, and climate change.

Partnerships and Collaborations

PRTM conducts research in partnership with a number of federal agencies including National Park Service, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the U.S. Forest Service, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Faculty research is also supported by grants from the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation and the Golden Leaf Foundation. North Carolina State Parks, the North Carolina Division of Travel & Tourism, many North Carolina cities, towns and counties as well as non-profit organizations and private sector companies also provide support for PRTM's research. Finally, PRTM faculty work collaboratively with faculty in a number of other disciplines at NC State including forestyand environmental resources, public administration, and landscape design and with colleagues from a variety of universities across the country.

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