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The back of a student walking down a runway wearing a modern green garment with a large hat.


Paris. Milan. New York. Raleigh. Each spring, Art2Wear brings the most innovative high-fashion concepts to NC State's campus.

On the Catwalk

What is fashion? NC State’s Art2Wear show demonstrates that there’s no one answer.

The annual event, organized by the Media Arts, Design and Technology department in NC State’s College of Design, has grown from a small, grassroots showcase to the largest student-run fashion show in the Southeast. For more than 20 years, it has challenged both student designers and the audience to question the boundaries and conventional definitions of fashion.

Years of hard work and vision culminate in this showcase of fashion, costume and wearable sculpture — a dazzling display of creativity and innovation.

Save the Date: April 26

The theme of Art2Wear’s 2023 show is “kinetic” — of or relating to the motion of material bodies and the forces and energy associated therewithin.

Art2Wear Advances

For more than two decades, Art2Wear has challenged young designers to imagine, create and inspire through showstopping wearable art.

The theme of last year’s show was dissonance, and students unveiled their creations in person for the first time in two years. We also saw looks created entirely out of donated fabric from performance apparel company Under Armour during the One-Look Design Challenge.

Students wearing Art2Wear creations walk down the runway.

Art2Wear is an opportunity to break the mold and to allow the designers to make their wildest dreams come to life through fashion and art.

Justin LeBlanc

Former Art2Wear faculty advisor

Relive the 2022 premiere: Art2Wear took over Stewart Theatre on April 27, 2022. Watch the student participants showcase their designs.