Three young professionals meeting in front of a whiteboard as part of NC State partnership work.


Great ideas are everywhere at NC State. All across campus, we’re uniting powerful partners around those ideas to create beautiful, practical solutions.

The Leader in Powerful Partnerships

The best way to solve the grand challenges facing society is to work side by side with innovative partners in the business, government and nonprofit sectors. At NC State, we understand that world-changing research and scholarship require the disciplinary boundaries of the past to give way to the collaborative partnerships of the future. And we’ve demonstrated time and again that entrepreneurial partnerships create jobs and improve lives by driving cutting-edge discoveries to the marketplace.

During the last two years alone, NC State has emerged to lead federally funded public-private efforts to build a new advanced manufacturing sector, develop novel techniques for data analysis, help farmers fight climate change and halt the spread of nuclear weapons.

We’re the best in the country at leading public-private partnerships.”
A portrait of Dr. Terri Lomax.

Dr. Terri Lomax,
Vice Chancellor for Research, Innovation and Economic Development

Working With Government

Local, state and federal government agencies seek NC State’s assistance in providing services, training their staffs and conducting research that will remake the face of the world as we know it.

For example, the U.S. Army sends its special operations soldiers to NC State’s Language Training Center to receive intensive, immersive instruction in five critical languages. And researchers are designing the smart energy grid of the future at the FREEDM Systems Center, a research endeavor funded by an $18.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation.

Strengthening Business and Industry

NC State has a long, vibrant history of successful partnerships with individual companies and entire industry sectors. Our Technology Incubator helps high-tech entrepreneurs commercialize their products and services by giving them wide-ranging access to faculty, student and private-sector expertise on our Centennial Campus.

The Supply Chain Resource Cooperative draws on the thought leadership in our supply chain management curriculum — ranked sixth in the nation by Bloomberg Businessweek — to extend the resources of corporate partners while giving students crucial real-world experience.

Our value to industry partners stems from more than just the resources we offer. We’ve also streamlined the partnership process, making it easy for all types of partners to collaborate with NC State.

Serving the Greater Good

As a land-grant university, NC State carries a commitment to service in its DNA. For our Service Raleigh event — an annual day of service led by NC State Student Government and students in the university’s Park Scholarships program — thousands of student, faculty and staff volunteers partner with more than 60 community organizations to solve problems and meet needs all over the Raleigh area. Students who participate in Alternative Service Break work in partnership with local organizations to address challenges in locations ranging from West Virginia to Alaska to the Dominican Republic.

An NC State student hard at work spooning out rice at a service event.