Diversity is critical to NC State’s academic mission. New perspectives deepen our understanding, strengthen our community and propel our innovation.

Diversity Is Essential

NC State values diversity. Not only do we all benefit from multiple viewpoints, experiences and perspectives, diversity is critical to our academic mission. Without it, our students simply could not succeed in today’s competitive global marketplace — let alone become conscientious global citizens.

Everyone who comes to NC State enriches us through their varied knowledge and backgrounds. And we expect everyone to give of their talents, skills, time and effort to make NC State an environment of inclusive excellence for all.

NC State students share the words of Chancellor Woodson in response to the Immigration Executive Order.

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Monday 12:00 PM

GLBT Faculty and Staff Network Meeting

Wednesday 9:00 AM

African American Coordinating Committee

Thursday 7:00 PM

“Killing the Black Body in Retrospect: Twenty Years of Reproductive Violence and Justice”

.26 Rise in Overall GPA

Since 2010, overall grade point average has risen steadily for students of color in the College of Education.

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Diversity in the Colleges

Each of NC State’s colleges has a director or assistant dean for diversity who specializes in serving students or faculty and staff in that academic area.

Diversity Partners on Campus

NC State’s commitment to diversity extends to all of the divisions that serve our students, faculty and staff. Diversity is integral to everything we think and do.